The Latest Bowhunting Technology from Bowtech

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As one of the most popular bow manufacturers on the market, Bowtech has not let us down with their Lastest Bowhunting Technology for 2010. They have improved three main parts of the bow, the cams, limbs, and the cable containment. Each of the parts were improved to help hunters’ accuracy and cause less wear and Read More

So You Want to Improve Whitetail Deer Habitat On Your Property, Here Are Two Important Points To Remember

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  Improve Whitetail Deer Habitat For Bucks AND Does.   Most guys who want to improve whitetail deer habitat on their property focus too much on food plots and nutrition for the deer. Food plots are great but they can also be planted with crops that do not attract deer for the most critical time Read More

Trophy or Daikon Radishes – The Ultimate Food Plot Plant

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“Daikon Radishes for deer?” you ask. They are a little known member of the Brassica family, which also includes rape, kale, turnips, mustard, canola and cabbage. It may be a little early to tell, but forage or trophy radishes may be the best overall Brassica option for a deer planting. It supplies the combination of Read More

Identifying Deer Buck Beds

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Identify Deer Buck Beds to Take Full Advantage of  Harvesting a Mature Buck   Buck beds are great indications to know where to hunt, so make sure you are familiar with what they look like. Often times they are in the thickest and swampiest places in the woods. Mature bucks will make their buck beds Read More