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How to Hunt Deer Bedding Areas Properly to Be Successful


deer bedding areasFinding deer bedding areas are like finding gold mines, however, if the area is not hunted properly then your efforts of discovering one will be lost. Just follow a few key rules and you will be able to harvest the buck that has been constantly slipping through your fingers season after season.

3 Tips to Hunt Deer Bedding Areas


1. Set up your stand according to the prevailing wind direction and only hunt that stand in the most ideal conditions for you. One whiff of you and a mature buck might never return to your property again.

2. You must beat the deer to your spot. Unfortunately this could mean sitting by 3:30 AM to hunt deer bedding areas. If you think that you will be too late, then don’t bother sitting there. That is the time to sit farther away from the deer bedding areas on a trail to their food supply.

3. Do not over hunt the stand or go there more often that necessary. Stay clear of the area well before hunting season starts, so make sure you have everything set up. Deer Bedding Areas The best times to hunt is the rut so stay clear until that time, there is no need to let the deer know you are near the deer bedding areas before that time.

For more guidelines to follow and tips to locate deer bedding areas near you visit:

Hunting The Deer Bedding Areas of Whitetail Deer.

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One thought on “How to Hunt Deer Bedding Areas
  1. Lester Ricker says:

    Thanks for the tips on hunting bedding areas. The bedding area I found was not there two weeks ago and there is also a rub next to the bed. Two weeks was the last time I hunted that stand. The stand is with in 20 yards of the beds and rub at the edge of the field and it looks like the buck has been crossing a wide open field to get to the beds. What would be the best advantage point for me to set up?

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