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MI Early Doe Season…a bad idea.

Let me say right from the start, I love the great state of MI. I was born here and will probably be buried here. There is so much for an outdoor loving sportsman to do, a guy just can’t do it all.

Having said that, let me also say that I don’t like many of the hunting regulations the MI DNR has in place.  Many of their policies are driven by the almighty dollar, the anti-hunting crowd, and supposedly are designed to cater to sportsmen without seemingly having little regard for the health of its wildlife, namely whitetail deer.

The MI deer herd is so out of whack it’s not even funny. Over 700,000 hunters get 35 days to shoot two bucks with a firearm and 80 days with a bow, including a crossbow, not that I’m against crossbows at all, I’ll probably have to use one someday myself. But with all those days to shoot 2 bucks, can you say annihilation of the buck population?

In many areas there are not enough bucks to breed all the does. That results in a lot of does coming into estrus in December and even January.  Whatever bucks are left, run themselves ragged deep into the winter when they should be conserving energy and building their nutrition level for the harsh MI winters. Bucks that go into winter in poor shape have a deeper hole to climb out of in the spring nutritionally, if they even make it at all, resulting in smaller antlers the following fall.

Need proof? How many deer hunting TV shows or videos are filmed in Michigan in which mature bucks are consistently harvested with a bow? Hmmm.

Many attempts by the MI DNR have been made to try to increase the doe harvest instead of decreasing the buck harvest to one buck per hunter per year period like most states. Now there is a MI early doe  season with firearms that starts on Sept 22 and 23. Does anyone believe that with the ” brown it’s down” mentality of many hunters, if a big 140″ class buck, while in his summer routine, gives him a shot, that all hunters will be able to keep the safety on? No Way!

Poaching is already way out of hand. Now we’re going to give these poachers a license to go out with a firearm while it’s still summer? Gimme a break. It will result in more bucks being MIA before the season starts. Most MI hunters never even see a trophy buck during hunting season and some will not be able to restrain themselves. You know who you are.

The other reason I don’t like the MI early doe season is that most of the mature bucks will be totally nocturnal by the opening of bow season Oct 1. Not only because of the MI early doe season, but also the early youth hunt on the following weekend just before the regular bow opener.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the youth hunt. We need to recruit new youngsters into the sport. All 3 of my daughters took does with a bow during the youth hunt. I just wish the youth hunt was the only firearm season before the bow opener.

After all, MI just legalized crossbows to help more hunters shoot more bucks and does. Why do we need yet another firearm season to kill does while it’s still summer? It’s too hot, many deer will go to spoil if not found soon after being shot, and mature bucks will go nocturnal even before the youth hunt!

There’s a lot of things that should be considered and changed for the sake of the health of the MI deer herd. I could go on and on with more reasons but it won’t do any good because money talks and the MI DNR would never do anything that could decrease revenues coming in.

At a time when we all see so many TV hunting shows and videos of big bucks being harvested, these policies will only result in more MI hunters becoming discouraged and deciding to give up the sport or spend their hunting budget dollars out of state where better deer management is taking place. Either way, MI loses out on more revenue and MI hunters lose more voices to keeping the anti hunting crowd from taking away more outdoor privileges.

I believe the MI early doe season is just a way to raise more revenue without any consideration of the deer herd’s well being.

I would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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39 thoughts on “Why I Hate The Michigan Early Doe Season
  1. Peter Goodroe says:

    I’ve said it before, the people running the Mi DNR, only have 3rd grade intellegence! They cater to the big insurance co.s for one thing. Remember back in the early 80s when the insurance co.s threatened to sue the state of Mi. if they didn’t dirastically reduce the herd! I love to hunt Mis. Ill., and states that have intellegent people running the show! Mich. comes up with excuses, hard winter, or other weather. The other states host the youth hunt after reagular season begins. Here to many fathers show the youth how it’s done when that wall hanger steps out. How many trophy bucks will fall during the early hunt? More than you know!

  2. Kevin says:

    Amen brother, you hit it right on the head. Deer hunting has been ruined in my opinion by the DNR and the bozo’s that just shoot anything to put meet in their freezers and everyone else they know’s freezers as well.

    It’s just not fun anymore for me

  3. cody says:

    i agree there are a lot of ignorant people out there who call themselves hunters but the last thing we should do is give up on it. we should do everything we can to teach the youth the true fundamentals of hunting and that its not to just go out and kill something

  4. ed says:

    Someday if we, the hunters allow it the white tail will be just like the buffalo,EXTINCT.
    Its time for the good hunters of MI. to take back their sport
    and stop letting over paid politicians and insurance company ruin our

  5. Derek says:

    Ofcourse the the other side of the coin where ignorant trophy hunters believe that all thats important is a buck population with 7 year old 170+ class bucks for all to shoot at will. Get real! I enjoy the early doe season as a time to get out and hunt a few weeks early. There are alot of ethical hunters that will leave a nice buck to walk by. Dont worry about it. Enjoy it and dont let the stupid people: poachers,trophy fanatics or who ever bother your enjoyment of hunting. I hunt in central michigan on public land and have scouted several nice bucks. I will leave them alone and hunt a friends corn field for a few does this weekend and enjoy my time in the outdoors.

  6. Jarett Moskwa says:

    I don’t know where you get your “facts” from but you need to get them straight. Sure, blame the early season for your lack of shooting bucks. What you say is just here-say! You are against the early firearm season but contradict yourself by letting your kids hunt the youth hunt, how ridiculous. Thats like me writing a post saying the same things you say like “what if a 140 class buck comes out in the youth season, you can’t resist pulling the trigger.” You know that is not true and you didn’t list any numbers for you belief that poaching is way out of hand. Even 1 deer shot out of season or without a license for the whole year is out of hand in my opinion, where are your numbers? Personally, my good friend shoots nothing but bucks, BIG bucks, and way more than allowed (yes he poaches in season) and I can tell you from seeing with my own eyes that every year his deer heard just flourishes with PLENTY of mature bucks. So before you run your mouth about how there is an “annihilation of the buck population”, try doing more research and get the facts straight!

  7. Ken says:

    I like the early doe season. Michigan doesnt have many 140″ bucks, so how can a lot of them be poached this time of year? I like the fact that if there is a big boy in the area, that he goes nocturnal. What better way to protect him? I also like the young bucks getting a heads up, that hunting season is here. Again what better way to protect them? I agree that the state needs to do their part in protecting bucks, but until then, this early season is the best chance at protecting them.

  8. There are MANY things I could argue against in your post, but first, the assertion that the early doe season, and youth season, cause bucks to go nocturnal is absurd. Do you really think a whitetail deer can tell if a guy is walking to his blind to shoot him/her, or if hunter is after small game and he has nothing to worry about. I won’t even bring up hikers, off road enthusiasts, trout fisherman, ect.
    Secondly, your poaching argument is the same b.s. that one hears from anti-hunters everywhere. Everyone knows that hunters have absolutely no control over their actions, and are simply blood thirsty killers who will shoot anything that moves. Please, show me the evidence.

    If you want to argue the scientific merits of an early doe season, buck linits, or any other game management tool, that is fine, but the arguments you are making here are mostly nonsense.

    Joe Duckworth
    Host – Nosler’s HuntCast Show

  9. John says:

    The only part of your ramble I agree with is cutting down to one buck per year, all seasons. First time visiting your site, but if this is considered an “article” I likely won’t be back. No loss for either of us I know. I also would like to see your numbers that indicate anything you preach is true. If you don’t like it, f don’t hunt it. Its a private land only hunt not a situation you are forced to share with others hunter on public land. As mentioned, turning around and letting your kids hunt the youth season is rather hypocritical.

    As for poaching, I personally take offense to being grouped with a bunch of law breakers. I have never seen a 140 inch deer in the woods, but I also follow the law and wouldn’t shoot one in the EAS. A poacher doesn’t need the veil of the EAS, or any season to break the law. Hindering others because of their actions is pointless, and will do nothing to reduce poaching. Printing statements like yours only fuel the anti-hunting crowd and put hunters under a gray shadow to non-hunters. We need to work with the DNRE Law Enforcement Division to prosecute them instead of limiting other peoples hunts in the ruse of stopping poaching. How many hunters have witnessed a poaching violation and never reported it?

    The DNRE manages wildlife in large areas (ex: DMU’s). The deer will not be evenly distributed throughout the area. Will some woods have more deer than other yes. Its the nature of the beast. In most of the SLP there are too many deer. Just because you don’t have the over abundance on your property doesn’t mean the farm down the road isn’t having his crops annihilated by an over abundance of deer. Everyone was up in arms a few years about over the potential increase in license fees but in the next breathe they were bitching about the DNRE not doing enough. It can’t be both ways.

    I am also getting tired of the QDMA/Monster buck hunting crowd complaining other hunters are ruining their hunt. Get over it and stop using it as a crutch. Learn how to hunt the deer, they aren’t invisible… seek the challenge. Or book a hunt on a south Texas ranch where its much easier to deer SHOP. Personally, I prefer a deer HUNT.

  10. JOH says:

    Not sure why you post non-truths about bucks going nocturnal and other unscientific untruths about hunters having access to early gun season (antlerless on private land) and youth hunts (newbie hunter with heart thumping), those two events will not do any damage to deer population for the rest of us waiting during bow season.

    My arms are fatigued over the years being strong bodied gorilla (weightlifter) and now need a crossbow, why condemn me for trying to stay a hunter…why bash me for changing a style of bow to use…success rate wasn’t great with my compound. Bucks were never in nocturnal mode during October! Like I said, where you get evidence to prove what you said in your article?

    Come gun season…last three years on state land amongst a high population of hunters killed two trophy bucks. Need pictures? Best hunting I had in a long time in Michigan! Never mentioned my hunting land on private land, guess that would make your entire article garbage. Sorry to offend but reading your article offended me.

  11. admin says:

    Your opinion doesn’t offend me at all…I welcome all points of view.

    You should consider yourself fortunate that the bucks where you hunt do not go nocturnal during the month of October, because in almost every corner of this state, mature bucks go into hiding during daylight hours after the first couple days of human scent suddenly stinking up the woods after a whole summer of little to no human activity.

    I applaud your right to use a crossbow because I may be in the same situation myself someday. Just because I mention crossbows in the article doesn’t mean I condemn them. Ohio allows crossbows too, and they have a great ratio of big mature bucks to does population. But the difference is they only have a one buck limit and only 10 days of firearm season total, and they’re all well after the first rut is finished. That is huge….and great for a more balanced and healthy deer herd.

  12. admin says:


    A mature buck doesn’t care what reason any human invades his core area in the summer….he doesn’t like it. Most mature bucks in MI have been shot at multiple times during the past 2-3 hunting seasons they happened to survive. That’s what makes them tougher to see and kill when they become mature. They have experienced the consequences of walking around during daylight hours when humans are in their woods. That’s why your deer scouting should be done in the early spring before green up. That’s when you can still see the rut sign from the previous fall.
    I’m not sure where you get the idea that I think hunters are poachers. I’m a hunter myself. Why did that strike such a big cord with you Joe? I hope you don’t have anything to confess.

  13. It should have struck a chord with ALL hunters. The implication that game laws can turn law abiding hunters into raving manic violators is the same argument that I hear on an almost daily basis from anti-hunters.
    I have never knowingly violated ANY game law. Ever. And it would serve you well to remember in the future that 99.9 percent of hunters are in the same boat. Promote that.

  14. Chico says:

    I just find this a bit off base. You sound very selfish and greedy in this article. “Now don’t get me wrong, I love the youth hunt. We need to recruit new youngsters into the sport. I just wish the youth hunt was later in the season.” You can’t be serious? Really? You wanna recruit new hunters and put them out there in as many elements later on in the season. Just so they don’t make your deer go nocturnal? Man bro issues. Entitled to your opinion but wow. As far as poachers go, don’t buy that either. They will poach anytime of the year and we all know this. Until I see an actual report that says more deer are poached during the Early Firearm Doe season give it a rest. Why does it have to be always about a trophy deer? To each their own. It is about way more than the size of the rack. What ever happened to the thrill of the hunt. I like big deer as much as anyone but I am not going to force feed this belief to anyone. Still questioning the kids thing. Came off as greedy. I am taking a friends boy out this weekend and I hope he smacks one of the two big boys I saw last night while early doe hunting. I would love to see him out in decent weather and having that opportunity before me any day. That 140 class will look nnice on his wall. I don’t need it more than him. I am already hooked.

  15. ron k says:

    Im not a fan of any early season nor that of poachers. I speak with guys that take 20 plus deer a year in MD and they call themselves hunters. This will be my 1st seaon with a crossbow and my shoulder injuries make me feel defeated. Started with long bow then compound now cross. I’ve taken more archery deer than gun deer so I am blessed as I see it. Taking and hunting are 2 different hunts. Killing is ludicrous just to say I killed something. Very disappointed in MI DNR for accepting such BS. Fees will haunt them and real hunters wont hunt anyway. Slob hunters will be out boasting and bragging of the big DOE they bagged.

  16. DAVE M. says:

    I have been reading a lot of articles lately online in regards to hunters views on deer management practices in Michigan. Everything from baiting,to extended seasons, to weapons being used. The fact of the matter is the deer hunting in Michigan just isn’t what it used to be.Period. We hunters are becoming our own worst enemies. Decisions made out of desperation are no way to go. Hunters now fight over a 15.00 deer when the real issue is, are you enjoying your time in the woods? I used to sit every year on opening day at the same ground blind and see 15 to 25 deer. Now Your lucky if you see 1 to 3. People are leaving this state for a reason. The deer hunting sucks. Besides why would I want to fight over a deer when I can go to other states and have great success and a better chance at the all allusive big one. Don’t dog guys for wanting to shoot that monster. You know as well as I do that’s why we all lay in bed the night before rifle season opens like a five year old before Christmas morning. Just dreaming about what we might see.

  17. DAVE M. says:

    The point I am trying to make is, If you want to blame someone, blame our department of natural resources. Hunters know what their seeing. If you have been hunting for any length of time in this state then you know full well how degraded the hunting has become. As far as the youth are concerned, I started hunting on opening day along with all the others,grandpa,dad,uncles. It made me into the ethical hunter that I am today. It also gave me a true appreciation for the woods and the fun and adventure that goes along with it. We are not turning our kids into proficient hunters,we are showing them that sitting over grandpas food plot and shooting that 12 point in Sept is the norm. Not so. That’s why they call it hunting, not killing.

  18. admin says:

    I know what you mean by seeing 15-25 deer on opening day of the firearm season. Now I see more guys than I do deer.
    If you look at the hunting regulations, the alignment, and the timing of hunting seasons in other states, it’s easy to see why other states flourish, and why MI hunters want to hunt there.

  19. adam says:

    We need to follow the example set forth by states with good healthy herds, such as Indiana. We should reduce the number of bucks to be taken per season to 1. I also believe that the early doe season is a bad idea. There are to many hunters out there who have no idea what ethical hunting is and will kill anything that walks by. I know many hunters and my best friend owns an archery shop, so I hear alot of hunting stories and see alot of whats taken in the area. From that I can honestly say that I think about 80 percent of Michigan deer hunters have no idea what proper deer management is, and most of them are gun hunters. Michigan has a very young deer heard thanks to the very poor management of our DNR. Since so many deer are allowed to be taken per season, very few ever make it to there mature years.

  20. brian says:

    this is a silly argument if you think about it… its good for the common hunter…. let all these “private landers” shoot up the forest in the early season and push the deer out into the public lands that will have very little pressure, and then when i get to get out in the state land there will be more deer out there becasue they are scared to go into their usual early season hideouts cause of all the shots….. i have already seen this theory in action i went out the past 2 days on some usual state land that i frequent and i have allready seen more deer in 2 days than i seen all last bow season on this property coincedince i think not

  21. Norm says:

    I was rambling around when I ran across your site and post. Looks like you managed to stir up a hornets nest. Jeez, don’t get so excited. It looks like the Admin here is on your side.
    I’m from Alabama. Frankly I can’t imagine a September deer hunt. That’s the time that everyone here is all excited about dove hunting. Ticks, chiggers, and noseeums are bad enough in the dove field without having to go tromping up the overgrown forests. Nope…deer deserve some R&R. Our season runs from Oct 15 to the end of January like clockwork, with gun season coming in around Nov 15 or so. I say let the deer children romp and play, and grow healthy and tasty. There are el mucho better ways to control the herd than a goofy September hunt.

  22. Drew Hatcher says:

    Michigan DNR is wacked!!

  23. mike says:

    You hit it right on the truth cause of the early doe season my bow seasons cut down by 3 weeks at least its a waist early doe and late doe seasons my gramps shakes his head in discuss cause there just isn’t the deer herd there used to be and the deer there is left are all nocturnal for most of the bow season think about this do you really think all the kids are shooting during the youth hunt I know a few dads just take there kids out so they can really shoot you know you are with all this and know crossbow know everyone a so called hunter. Michigan hunting truly does suck

  24. Derek says:

    I agree with you 100%. Michigan DNR is a joke like with the hole baiting thing. I see bait bags stack 5 feet high by 10 feet long at a bait store in southern Michigan and they sell out 3 times a week. Its like a slap in the face of the DNR and the people that follow the law and don’t bait. the state needs to go to a one buck state and push the gun season back or make it shorter. The gun season is prime time and what happens is dumb 1 1/2 old bucks pay the price. The early doe season is a joke because it open the downs to more poachers and it pushes the deer to not move during daylight. Michigan is deep in tradition when it comes to gun hunting and the need to take a buck no matter what. I have seen a gun hunter pass 20 does to shot a 4 inch spike, I mean come on. Many things need to change for Michigan to be known as a big buck state.

  25. Bruce says:

    I have hunted for over 35 years and have never seen such a poor year. Every one I know is saying the same thing, that they are just not seeing the deer.
    There should be a two deer kill, one buck and one doe. The DNR is just ruining the deer herd in Michigan. Call, email, or write your state representative and tell them before it’s too late. The brown is down theory is just the insurance companies working over the DNR. If we don’t protect our deer herd population then we are to blame. What has our state done to protect the herd? It’s just like everything else, they are broke and want money, so they sell our water, and now the deer. Wake up before it’s too late!

  26. ron says:

    early deer should be outlawed we dont have many deer now 5 years ago we ues to see deer

  27. Petruch says:

    A couple of hunters from MI stop and talked to me the other day while I was feeding animals. They said that deer hunting was ruined in MI and that Ks was the place to go. This seemed odd to me as I live adjacent to federal land that gets hunted hard. Its is easy enough to shoot a deer buy you wont see any trophies unless you put in alot of time scouting or get lucky. At the end I felt lucky to live where I do and have such opportunities to hunt. We still have our share of criminals / poachers / meth cookers etc. but there are alot of people like me who are willing to do what ever it takes to incarcerate these individuals. The hardest thing I have is restraining myself from putting my boot up someones A@!. But I think the 2nd amendment gives me the right to defend myself, and I always have that in the back of my mind.

  28. scott says:

    Admin, Check out Illinois hunting seasons. I would be all for Michigan having the same seasons. There is a drawing for 1st or 2nd firearm. Firearm: nov 19-21, second firearm dec 2-5, muzzleloader dec 10-12.

    I went out on the early doe season this year, but I didnt hunt where I had been seeing the big bucks this summer.

    I am all for QDMA in michigan but it is almost impossible unless you have a group of hunters in an area that all have the same hunting values. I use to get mad when other hunters would shoot bucks that I had passed up. But now I have learned to look back and think of how proud I would have been of that buck when I was younger. Hunters all have different trophies. I tell people if your heart is pounding and your proud to shoot the buck go for it.

    If you look at the statistics there are 14 hunters per square mile in michigan. I agree with shooting does, and getting the doe to buck ratio lowered in some areas.

    I think insurance companies are really starting to get on the Michigan DNR. The odds of hitting a deer with a car in michigan are 1 and 78.
    Dont get me wrong I think the state is trying to make a fortune off of us hunters. For instance how they banned baiting, but then they were thinking about selling permits to bait. Its all about money.

    I bowhunted and gun hunted in the golden triangle of Illinois this past november and decemeber. I will be going back there every year if possible.

  29. Jeremy says:

    If the early hunt results, as you say, in bucks going nocturnal, fewer will be harvested. So it would seem that the early hunt, were it allowed, at least for a few years, would help the buck population. And one always has a shot during the rut–with some work–at a mature buck.

  30. dan says:

    well wow to tell the truth last year i took a doe durring early season an on nov.17 i took a 195lb.21inch inside spread 8 point deer of a life time an the only thing diffren was no baiting in my opion all baiting does if cause deer not to move till night time an ive been hunting for over 30 years batting is what causes deer going nocternal

  31. Nate says:

    I am all for the early doe season. Because Michigan is seeing some tough times economically and I am hunting to put meat on the table, not to hang a trophy on the wall. Don’t get me wrong…I would love to shoot a nice buck. BUT…I am also aware that hunting has become a sport of show rather than the pure intention of feedng your family. I’m not trying to piss in your punch bowl. I’m sick of the money hungry DNR too. AND, I’m all about a healthy deer and buck population. BUT, I think most hunters just want everyone to lay off so that THEY can shoot the big one, when a lot of use are just out to feed our family.

  32. Paul Harning says:

    Very interesting post, some I agree with some I don’t. This is the 2nd year in arrow that my buddy and I hunted the early doe season, I hunt for meat not for horn. I welcome this extra chance to fill my freezer. I can proudly say that it has been over 4 years since we have bought any beef from a store. These past 2 years I have been unemployed, so having a freezer full of meat comes in real handy. As far as shooting a buck out of season is preposterous. They are still in velvet! Not very presentable as a trophy! Last year we saw 3 big bucks together, 2 ten pointers and a 12 pointer. The only urge we had to shoot them was with our camera! Now for something completely different what are your thoughts on baiting?

  33. Adam says:

    You guys shoot does in the summer? Im sorry but thats rediculous. Im from southern NY, and we have a pretty liberal harvest here (with bow hunting tags you could potentially shoot three bucks and as many does as you want provided you bring their heads in to the DEC) from oct 15 to jan 1. Thankfully Westchester County is well populated (by people) and as a suburb of New York City there is not a huge interest in hunting leaving plenty of big bucks for the few of us who hunt behind the mall, the abandoned “planned community builds, or a friend’s 6 acre lot.

    Among the few serious hunters who choose to hunt locally, QDM is the order of the day. We might hunt 5 acre lots but two of them are usually planted and most guys i know wont shoot anything under a 6pt, 2.5 year old deer.

    Maybe its a regional thing, but we dont shoot does until after the rut and I could never concieve of a summer season for them. There are so many deer and so many safe havens here that if you spooked the does away with an early season hunt they wouldnt come back and with out does you dont see bucks round here.
    I guess my point is that even with high bag limits you can still have plenty of big bucks if hunters are responsible and have a general consensus on the quality of deer they want to harvest.

    With the long standing outdoor culture of Michigan, Im suprised that hunters there havent taken matters in to their own hands and formed clubs to buy property and run QDM programs. If your state government isnt going to do the job then Michigan hunters either need to get new politicians in office or step up top the plate and manage your land. Even if your not a large land owner you can still make a difference plant a quarter acre in your yard, meet with other local hunters to discuss area QDM, start a club and place more suitable bag limits on club property.

    Whitetail deer (even monster bucks) are incrediably resiliant. Theyre pretty much considered pests by most residents in NY. In less than five years, michigan hunters can get their state on the right track and in less than 10 years you could very well see a Monster buck harvested in Michigan one of those shows you mentioned.

  34. Brian says:

    First of all, I have been hunting for many years and have definately noticed a loss in the whitetail herd! I Too miss those days of seeing 30-40 deer at a time and not when it was time to group up in dead winter. I have all kinds of Private land that spans from lower to mid michigan and the affect on the deer population is in all areas. The youth hunt is great for kids but should be limited to doe as well as all of the other special hunts. I dont disagree with the early doe except for the fact that guns are allowed. My father made me take my first deer with a bow so I would learn to hunt a deer and figure out how to mesh in their environment before he even let me have a gun! Nothing makes you apreciate the animal or the hunt more! One buck is a good idea in my mind or at least make it regulated to 8 point or bigger. If you want to really manage the population do like other states and have the “earn a buck program”…..Something has to be done and all of the stupid special murder hunts are no help!

  35. chris says:

    Im rather baffled about everyone saying lets kids into hunting, BUT dont let him or her shoot my buck on youth hunt cause they might shoot big bucks, sounds awlful selfish, and i agree with the gentleman who says how does the deer know a guy walking to his blind to a guy birdhunting. IMHO i trhink we should have earn a buck program, shot a doe earn a buck tag, in my opinion?

  36. matt says:

    I am all for the youth hunt in Sept., as it will get future hunters into our sport. As for the early doe season, I even agree with it. However, I do not agree with the December antlerless season on private land. With the early season, plus bow hunting, plus firearm hunting, I believe enough does are being taken.I also think we should be allowed to take 1 buck and 1 doe per year. Stop this practice of some hunters buying 5 antlerless licenses per year.The whitetail deer in Michigan is being grossley overhunted. Let’s save some for our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to enjoy.

  37. Captain Don says:

    I agree that the deer population is very low. It’s not just the early Doe Season, its the unlimited Doe permits that’s doing in our deer herd. I hunt in DMU 074 in St. Clair County. I hunted about 22 days in October and say about 10 deer. Then I have hunted every day of November and saw 2 deer. Since December 1st I have hunted every day but 2 days and have see 9 deer. I hunt on a Food Plot in a tower blind and I do not spook any deer getting in it and the ones I have seen have no clue I am there. The deer numbers are just way down. I have my own website and I am trying to get reports from hunters on how terrible the hunting is and hopefully some folks to join me at a NRC Meeting next year to share the reports with the DNR. My site is then after you register check out the “Bucks, Bruins and Bulls Section and join me in this fight to save our deer herd before its too late!

  38. admin says:

    What will really motivate kids to want to hunt is actually seeing deer out in front of them so they can shoot one. Then they’ll be hooked. Too many kids go out and never see deer because the hunting property is not setup for seeing and shooting deer.
    So here’s the big question.
    Is your property optimized to see and shoot deer on a consistent basis?
    If you’re not sure, check out this site:

  39. Buckeyebruno says:

    Im sure a fellow Ohioan may have posted this by now, but i agree with what was said. besides my wife ( who always says “no” to going with me because she spent “enough time in the woods during FTO’s” in the army) entire family Bowhunts. Brother-in-law’s, sisters, and now my neice’s and nephew, and we like to travel to hunt. We have done Ill, IO, KY, and even Maine for Moose. So we have became very aware of certain states to stay away from and M*ch*g@n is one of them.
    The entire family has participated in getting the kids involved at a very young age. My brother had to hid all his gear the nights before so that my neice would not know that he skipped work to hunt. This is going to be her first year and i hope she has fun.
    I feel for you as fellow bowhunter, not being able to hunt before all the “bangs” go off. Lucky for us down here, gun season is only one week and muzzle loader is another week a month later. i do think that Ohio is on the right track for conservation of total deer population by taking in the intell from the past years hunts and if need be, implement/ change the rules for the upcoming hunts. As long as ive been hunting, there is and has been no such thing as a “Doe” season. The logic that MI is using is like putting a Corvette engine in a Yugo. Makes no sense at all. all i can say is keep fighting the good fight and maybe the MI dnr will get smart like UM did when they fired Rich Rod.

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