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If  White Acorns and Red Acorns you’re one of the thousands of bowhunters who will be out scouting early this fall for a place to hang their stand, you’ll most likely be looking for a preferred food source for deer.  White Acorns and Red Acorns High on that list are white acorns. Surprisingly many bowhunters don’t know the real difference between white oaks and red oaks or the acorns they drop White Acorns and Red Acorns.

White Oaks White Acorns and Red Acorns

White Acorns and Red Acorns

  • White acorns taste better because of the fewer tannins which give red acorns more of bitter taste.
  • The leaves of a white oak have rounded lobes  around the whole leaf.
  • The crown or cap only covers about 1/4 of a white acorn.
  • Acorns tend to be long and narrower rather than fat and round.
  • They also grow at the ends of their branches of the current year new growth White Acorns and Red Acorns.
  • The bark has shallower gaps between the ridges and can be flaked off with your fingers.

White Acorns and Red Acorns Red Oaks

White Acorns and Red Acorns

  • The leaves of a red oak are larger and have sharp pointed lobes.
  • The crown or cap is nearly flat on top.
  • The acorn is shorted and fatter and is almost round.
  • They grow in clusters on last year’s growth of branches.
  • The bark is tougher with wider deeper gaps between its ridges.

I don’t want you to think that deer won’t eat acorns from red oaks. They certainly will. After all, red oaks produce more acorns than white oaks do. But if you have both types where you hunt, you’ll find that the white acorns will go first White Acorns and Red Acorns.

What’s even better is if you can find a white oak inside of a standing corn field or at least on the edge of corn. The stalks in that spot will probably be knocked down pretty good. If you can sit in a spot like that on opening evening of bow season without ruining the spot before hand by hanging a stand, your chances at an early season buck are much greater than even a week later White Acorns and Red Acorns.

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