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A lot of guys are looking for that magic bullet, the edge that will be their short cut to seeing more deer and getting a crack at a trophy whitetail this Fall.  A lot of products are hyped and sold on those claims.

Trophy Radishes Deer Food Plot Seed

Nothing beats post-season scouting and preparation for getting a leg  up on all the other hunters. But there is one product I am very encouraged about. One that claims to out-perform many in its class.  It happens to be the trophy radish or Diakon radish. I planted some of these seeds on August 5 and by the 10th they were the first plants to shoot out of the ground…and I planted a big variety. On day 7 they were about 2 inches tall already! This is my first go round with Trophy Radishes and I love what I see so far.

Do you have any food plots started yet this year? Please share your comments below on your progress so far and if you have had any experience with trophy radishes.

Trophy Radishes Great Video.


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