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As one of the most popular bow manufacturers on the market, Bowtech has not let us down with their Lastest Bowhunting Technology for 2010. They have improved three main parts of the bow, the cams, limbs, and the cable containment. Each of the parts were improved to help hunters’ accuracy and cause less wear and tear on the bow.

Latest Bowhunting Technology Tips

  • Bowtech has created the OverDrive Binary™ synchronized dual cam system. This cam system is setup to provide stability while still maintaining exceptional cay synchronization.
  • Their latest bowhunting technology for limbs are the HardCore Limbs™ which store energy throughout the limbs and not just on the surface. This reduces stress on the bow and causes less vibration after shooting.
  • Bowtech changed the cable containment with the FLX-Guard™ system. This absorbs cable guard torque by flexing when the bow is pulled back.

To see more features on Bowtech’s latest bowhunting technology and watch them in action click the link below.

Latest Bowhunting Technology from Bowtech for 2010

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