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Paper Tune a Compound Bow Yourself

Another hunting season is fast approaching and if you have changed something on your bow it would be a good idea to have it paper tuned. Something as small as getting a new nock point or string is a reason to paper tune a compound bow.  Most archery shops will help you paper tune your compound bow, but it is something you can do yourself. The only equipment you will need to do it yourself is paper and something to hold the paper up so that you can shoot through it and a target set up a few feet behind the paper.

There are a few things you should know before you paper tune your compound bow. For example, you should know what kind of hole your arrow should make in the paper and how to fix your bow if it is not correct. For more details about How To Paper Tune a Compound Bow click the link below.

Paper Tune a Compound Bow | Paper Tuning 101 | Base Camp Legends

To properly paper tune a bow, you will need basic materials that most pro shops should have set up for you. However, if you so choose to do it at home, you can stretch newspaper between two 2×4’s or whatever you have available to hold …

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To see exactly how to paper tune your compound bow watch the demonstration video below.

Paper Tune a Compound Bow– Episode #28 – Paper Tuning

Paper Tune a Compound Bow In this episode of BowCast Aneal is joined by Matt Hogue – Archery Lead at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Littleton, CO. Matt and Aneal go through the Paper Tune a Compound Bow process of paper tuning and correction to get your arrow flying straight out of your bo Paper Tune a Compound Bow…

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