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What to Plant for Your Deer Food Plots


Trying to figure out what to plant in your deer food plot can be the most frustrating part of creating your food plot. Every seed company out there will say that their blend is the best and will “keep the deer coming back for more.” Their statements may be true but it is also true that some plants will not grow well in your area so make sure you know what will grow well in your deer food plot.

Click the link below and it will take you to a new page, towards the bottom of the page is a description of each kind of plant that you might be able to put in your deer food plots.

Deciding What to Plant in Deer Food Plots!


Clover is one of the most popular forage crops for deer food plots. But clover is a bit ambiguious because there are so many varieties…

Remember to keep in mind where your deer food plots are located when choosing a seed. Some plants, for example brassicas, are not preferred by deer until cold weather sets in so if you live farther South those plants would not be the right choice for your Deer Food Plots.

Most importantly, stick with creating small ambush deer food plots because if you discover that what you planted was not a big hit with the deer, then there is always next year to easily change the food plot seed.

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