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New RIP Shot Release Triples Your Time


Over the years bow releases have evolved as hunters have found new ways to improve them. The latest innovation came out in 2009, the new RIP shot release. It is the most unique archery release on the market.  Instead of attaching to your wrist, it attaches just above the elbow.  I know what you’re thinking, “That sounds uncomfortable,” but actually it was made to be more comfortable and help use the proper muscles when pulling back your bow. It was specifically designed to help people who have had a hand or wrist injury shoot their bows again. Check out the link below for a review of the release. /untitled.html

The benefits of the New RIP Shot Release.

It forces you to use the correct muscles to draw the bow. It steadies your sight picture.

New RIP Shot Release Videos.


If your still skeptical with how effective the  release really is watch the 2 videos below to see exactly how it works and the success stories of other hunters.

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