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New Broadheads for 2010


Check out one of the new broadheads for 2010, the T3 expandable broadhead from G5. This broadhead is unlike many on the market. With it’s replaceable blades, 1 1/2 inch cutting diameter, and spider clip retention system, it’s sure to change your view about shooting with an expandable broadhead. Click on the link below to read more about the new T3-G5 expandable broadhead.

T3-G5 Outdoors’ Newest Expandable | New Broadheads for 2010

Posted on: March 29th, 2010 T3-G5 Outdoors’ Newest Expandable. T3 Closed. T3 Expanded. For as long as I have been bowhunting, I have been a proponent of fixed blade broadheads. They are simple to use, sharp, durable and nearly full-proof. … But when I got a peek at G5 Outdoors’ new expandable broadhead, it really caught my attention.  New Broadheads for 2010 The new T3 encompasses all the features I would include in an expandable head. New Broadheads for 2010 From the trocar tip and 100% steel construction, …

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Below is a video which shows a demonstration of the new G5 T3 expandable broadhead. New Broadheads for 2010 Get an up-close look on how it opens and uses the spider clip. Just click the link below to watch the video.

New Broadheads for 2010 – Features of the T3

Jason Fuller explains some of the features of G5’s new T3 expandable broadhead.


Here is another new broadheads for 2010, the 125-grain expandable broadhead from Rage. It has 2 blades and an impressive 2-inch cutting diameter. It is engineered with the SlipCam rear blade deployment system and is great for those looking for heavier broadheads. Click on the site below and learn more about on of the new broadheads for 2010 fromRage Broadheads.

RAGE Broadheads Introduces The New 125Grain 2-Blade Expandable

The revolutionary SlipCam rear blade deployment system on the 125grain Rage broadhead offers fully deployed blades immediately upon impact, with no loss of kinetic energy. This results in creating huge entry holes, gaping wound…

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