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Have You been Searching for the Best Broadheads For a Complete Bone Pass Through?


After waiting all year to hunt the rut out of state, it really sucks when you put a marginal shot on a good shooter buck and find very little blood, and then have to spend your precious little time tracking instead of hunting. I learned my lesson the hard way by not using the best broadheads for a complete pass through.

Like a lot of guys, I was using a mechanical or expandable head for huge entry and exit holes. Some of the pictures you see and stories you hear make it a no brainer. But what if you hit the shoulder or the ribs up high? In that case, everything needs to go just right. But with bowhunting, that’s rarely the case. Makes me wonder how many hunts filmed for TV and video never make it on air because the best broadheads were not used and the deer was never found.

I’ve shot four 140 class and higher bucks that I didn’t recover because of no exit wounds, and I’m shooting a 65# draw weight and a long FOC arrow. #@!&#!

That’s it! No more!

I did some major research online for the best broadheads for penetration. I kept coming back to an article I found about Dr. Ashby.

You want to talk about testing? He did some major testing to get the best broadheads. Not just on deer, but on big game in Africa. Cape Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeast, Hippos etc.

After reading his article and test results with pictures to illustrate,

I am sold on the 2 blade single bevel head. Specifically the Samuria 125 grain (See above photo). Super hard steel, super sharp…and stays sharp. The steel is about 25% harder than a steel G5 Montec….and those are hard.

best broadheads

But to really appreciate why a single bevel head are the best broadheads for penetration through bone, you have to read his test results with pics at:

I believe you’ll agree that no other head on the planet can penetrate through bone better then a single bevel broadhead. But the question will be “Do you have the courage to switch?”

Post your opinions and comments below about the best broadheads.

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